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Set daily goals for your successful diet. Little to zero exercise needed.

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What They’re Saying About

My eating choices are infinitely better now thanks to you guys. I lost 12 pounds!

Marjan, NYC

Who knew I could lose 2 pounds in one week by going to my favorite grocery store on the planet?

Jamie, LA

This is simple. I like simple. I also like that you put me on to 60-calorie ice cream at Trader Joe’s! Uhmmazing.”

Julie W., Brooklyn

I have an infinitely easier time eating good meals at work and at home, because of this genius thing you guys have got going here…

Darren, Washington, D.C.

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Why it works

If your body needs just 1,200 calories a day, and you're eating 3,000 calories a day, for example, then you're eating 1,800 more calories than you need. Each day that you consume those extra 1,800 calories a day, adds up over time, leaving you with a surplus of pounds. It takes 3,500 calories to make a pound, so for every time those 1,800 extra calories add up to 3,500, you'll gain one pound.

We don't get all confusing with it. Just use our platform to eat the 1,200 calories of healthy, yummy, food that your body needs daily. SIMPLE. Where possible, exercise. Anything counts, from jumping jacks to long walks to 15 minutes on the treadmill. No need to spend hours at the gym, if you're eating correctly. Oh, and most of the Trader Joe's meals we recommend take minutes.